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The Negev Desert, Israel

Welcome to Desert-Prime, Mitzpe Ramon.

Here, we provide a class A experience of the Israeli desert.

Explore Israel's Negev desert on a premium Jeep tour to the spectacular scenery of the Makhtesh Ramon crater, the Zin valley or other "hidden gems" of the Negev desert. 

Enjoy rappelling experience with our "top of the line" new gear and professional guides who will lead you safely through this exciting and breath-taking experience.

You could also enjoy unique stargazing / astronomy adventure on a clear desert night and outdoor yoga sessions in the middle of the desert. Also more desert attractions and outdoor activities at Mitzpe Ramon area are available,  from custom families and companies fun days to camping/glamping services.

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Travel the Israeli desert with Desert-Prime

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Get to know Israel's Negev desert on a Jeep tour from Mitzpe Ramon to the beautiful  Makhtesh Ramon crater or the Zin valley. Get familiar with the Bedouin tradition, or taste wonderful wines at a local wine farm in the Negev desert. Tour the area in premium air conditioned advanced vehicles while chatting with your local guide and discovering the area's wonders.

Try the exciting Mitzpe Ramon rappelling experience with our "top of the line" new gear and professional guides who will lead you safely through this breath-taking experience. When up on the cliff, you will witness the dramatic beauty of the Makhtesh Ramon crater below you, and on a good day the Jordanian highlands straight ahead. Take a good breath and let yourself down the rim of  Makhtesh Ramon crater.

Watch the stars on a stargazing/astronomy activity in the middle of the desert getting to know the night sky and enjoying a night time bonfire with your fellow company. And to finally relax from all this excitement join a body and mind experience on an outdoor yoga session in the pace of the desert surrounded by its' silence and beauty. We also provide various outdoor desert activities such as custom families and companies fun days, camping/glamping services and more!

We are a small boutique family owned business; therefore our service is always private and personalized

Our policy is to always provide our customers with the best experience, comfort, and enjoyment possible


With more then 17 years of experience we opened Desert-Prime in a desire to give the excelent service we are so proud in straight to you the cutomer

Have a nice travel!

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