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    Mitzpe Ramon Tour Guide - Places to go

Where to go, what to do, what to see in Mitzpe Ramon

 Mitzpe Ramon tourist guide 2018

Apart from the attractions we have to offer in Mitzpe Ramon (i.e. rappelling, jeep tours, star-gazing and more), there is plenty to see and do in this small town. Since we are always asked what else is there to do in Mitzpe Ramon Specifically the common questions are what hikes can we do at the area? Where can we eat? Is it Kosher? What is there to do within town? And more such question. Therefore we prepared the following Mitzpe Ramon tour guide and we will do our best to keep it updated. So here it goes

What to do in Mitzpe Ramon 2018.

·         Within Town (where to go, what to see)

·         Nature (trails and places to visit) - coming soon


Within the Town

Makhtesh Ramon visitor center

Mitzpe Ramon visitor center offers combined exhibition of the Makhtesh Ramon crater and a memorial for Israel’s first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, who died in 2003 when the Shuttle Columbia disintegrated when entering the earth’s atmosphere. The exhibition regarding the Makhtesh Ramon crater provides interactive information of the way it was formed, geological processes that can be witnessed in the Makhtesh Ramon crater and also a short movie providing explanation about the wildlife in the local desert. A tour around is about 1 hour long including both exhibitions.


Opening hours

Sun-Thu - 8-17

Fri - 8-16

Entry Fee

Adults – 28 ILS, Kids – 14 ILS

‎+972 (0)8-6588691

Entry stops one hour before closing hour.

makhtesh Ramon Visitor center

Bio Ramon - Hai Ramon

Just by the visitors center there is the bio/Hai Ramon center. It holds some of the small animals found in the local desert. It is mostly for kids but anyone who is interested in animals can find interest there. The place itself is quite basic and not so impressive, however it is interesting and kids usually love it.  About 40 species are represented among them:  lizards, snakes, turtles, porcupines, hedgehogs, falcons, sand rats (gerbils) and more.

More about the Bio Ramon the visitor center and other attractions of Israel Nature Reserves can be found in the link below.


Opening hours

Sun-Thu, Sat - 8-17

Fri - 8-16

Entry Fee

Adults – 12 ILS, Kids – 6 ILS

The entry closes one hour before closing hour.

hai ramon snake
Bio Ramon bird

Mitzpe Ramon Desert Sculpture Park

Just by the Beresheet hotel there is a nice outdoor sculpture park which is also a great spot to watch the sunset. More information on the park and its’ history can be found in the link below.


scuplture park at mitzpe ramon
mitzpe ramon scuplture park

Har Gamal (Camel Lookout)

Har Gamal, also known as Camel Lookout, is a small hill resembling a sitting camel overlooking the Makhtesh Ramon Crater. The site offers a beautiful view of the Makhtesh Ramon crater, and a great place to watch the sunset. It is just a short drive (5-10 minutes) or hike (~45 minutes easy slow walk) from Mitzpe Ramon Visitor’s Center, through the Albert Kats Promenade (see below).

Har Gamal mizpe Ramon
Mitzpe Ramon camel lookout

The Albert Kats Promenade

Going out from the visitors center and heading south-west you will see a trail streching alongside the Mkhtesh Ramon crater edge - this trail will lead you all the way to the Camel Lookout (see above), when along the way you could enjoy the stunning view of the Mkhtesh Ramon crater, see scupltures set along the way and enjoy an easy short hike.

The spice rout quarter:

Home to much of Mitzpe Ramon cultural life. In this small area you could find some nice shops,art galleries, restaurants and more nice places to visit - we bring here some of the recommended places to visit:

Mitzpe Ramon jazz club

One of Mitzpe Ramon well established culture establishments. At every weekend (and in between) you can find live shows at the place and sometimes on week days as well. Be sure to check in advance the opening hours for the day.


+972 (0)50-526-5628

Ester second hand shop

Ester. Things from a good home


Very cute second hand store with some new cool stuff as well – great place to collect some souvenirs and sit down for a cup of coffee.


Opening hours

Mon, Wed-Thu – 10-16

Tue – 10-14

Fri – 9-14

+972 (0)52-3946501

Ester Things From A Good Home
Ester Things From A Good Home

The Berech pub

Just behind Ester shop there sits a lovely small pub. Morning to noon breakfast and coffe are served. At night meals and drinks. Worth a visit.



Opening hours


20 - deep into the night

+972 (0)52-3946501

The Berech Pub
The entrance to th Berech pub

Annette Art Works – Small workshop, art gallery and souvenirs store – there are also kids’ activities at the place – if contacted in advance.



Opening hours

Sun, Wed, Sat - 9-14

Tue, Thu - 9-17

Fri - 11-14


+972 (0) 52-6809094


 Annete Art Works place
 Annete Art Works place Mitzpe Ramon

Made in Mitzpe

A local joined art gallery where several artist are creating and presenting – you could find there pottery workshop, radio station, jewelries workshop, copywriting and more.


Opening hours

9-18 - though it does change from time to time

+972 (0)


Made in Mitzpe
Tozeret Mitzpe


Meever - Apart from being a hostel the place host spaces for workshops, and a variety of events - festivals, content events, live shows and more, with studio spaces for dancing, yoga, movement and such. Be sure to check what is going on there while your stay.


+972 (0)8-949-5967

The Meever Mitzpe Ramon
Meever Mitzpe Ramon inside the place

Faran Cosmetics

Faran Cosmetics - Natural cosmetics & Soaps factory - most of their products are 100% natural origin, and many are organic. Worth a visit and purchase also there is the possibility of making a tour in the place and learning of the processes of making the products and the story behind the place.


+972 (0)

Just outsidee town:

Desert Archery

Desert Archery - The Desert Archery Park in Mitzpe Ramon, offers a game of archery while hiking through natural desert terrain - suitable for families coples and groups. Actvities should be appointed in advance.


+972 (0) 50-5344598

Just outsidee town:

The Alpaca Fram

The Alpaca Fram - The alpaca farm is located ~7 minutes drive outside of Mitzpe Ramon. There you can meet herds of llamas and alpacas, horses, goats and more. Children love it and every round hour there is usually a guided tour at the place.


+972 (0)


Opening hours


Entry Fee

Above the age of 3 – 30 ILS,